Springtime jewels in glorious technicolor

Multicolor mosaics never fail to bring a smile to the face, particularly when the painter’s palette is precious colored gemstones. We’ve selected our favorite colored jewels that banish the grays of winter and herald the welcome arrival of spring, with its warm sunshine and seemingly never-ending array of blossoming flowers. 

de GRISOGONO jewellery has long produced brightly coloured wearable gems and the dramatic, one-of-a-kind de GRISOGONO sapphire choker is as bold and full of luxurious fun as anything we have seen from the Swiss jeweler. A total of 49 candy-colored sapphires are interspersed with close to 4,000 smaller, pavé-set sapphires and large white diamonds for a modern statement that would be the center of attention on any occasion.

Jane Taylor Fireworks ring with pink and purple tourmaline, and Swiss blue topaz, janetaylor.com ($14,300).

Jane Taylor’s Circus collection bursts with unusual, spectacular mixes of multicolor mosaics. In her Fireworks ring, a harlequin combination of pink and purple tourmaline and Swiss blue topaz do the talking with barely any metal visible to dampen the effect.

Sharon Khazzam’s exuberant warmth in person is matched in her joyful Bessy peridot necklace. The ex-Asprey designer, who has amassed a number of dedicated followers for her one-of-a-kind rainbow jewels, selected a large natural peridot, surrounded by black diamonds, as the center stone. The rest of the long pendant necklace showcases a collection of colored gemstones in every hue and cut imaginable.

Marie-Hélène de Taillac multicolor briolette chain torque in yellow gold, www.mariehelenedetaillac.com ($12,500).

Marie-Hélène de Taillac splits her time between Paris and India where she is constantly inspired by the discovery of exotic natural gemstones, which form the starting point for all her designs. Here she hangs delicate briolettes of an array of gems including sunset-orange fire opal and magenta-pink tourmaline from a pretty collar of gold.

For any young fashionista who wants to stand out from the crowd, the Daniela Villegas necklace from her Empress Centipede collection, and Katharine Walker’s modern headpiece, offer playful, easy-to-wear, luxurious options. No matter which you choose, these rainbow-hued jewels will bring you joy, whatever the weather.

  • Jane Taylor Fireworks tourmaline and topaz ring

    Fireworks tourmaline and topaz ring

    Jane Taylor

    $ 14,300

  • Sharon Khazzam Bessy multicolor and periodot necklace

    Bessy multicolor gemstone necklace

    Sharon Khazzam

    $ 28,800

  • Marie Hélène de Taillac opal and tourmaline necklace

    Multicolor briolette gemstone necklace in yellow gold

    Marie-Hélène de Taillac

    $ 12,500

  • Daniela Villegas Empress technicolor gemstones and diamond necklace

    Empress Centipede necklace with multicolor gemstones

    Daniela Villegas

    $ 33,750

  • Katharine Walker ruby, opal and tanzanite headpiece

    Gold headpiece with multicolor gemstones

    Katharine Walker

    $ 19,000

  • Katharine Walker headpiece

    Katharine Walker headpiece with ruby slices, amethyst, tanzanites, opals, carnelian, tanzanite and yellow beryl.

  • de Grisogono diamond and sapphire choker

    Diamond and multicolored sapphire choker