Secret Code Diamond Ring from Jessie V E Jewellery In My Jewel Box


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Jessie V E Jewellery does it again! Another collection to obsess over and, just like her Constellation Collection, something unique and fun, because diamonds should never be boring. And these diamonds in her “Feel the Love” Collection hold a secret! That’s right, they have their own hidden message, spelling out whatever your heart desires using diamonds set right side up and upside down. Jessie has created her own braille using diamonds and we love it.

There are three different rings within the “Feel the Love” Collection–each having a certain number of characters for the hidden message you’d like. The eight character ring is perfect for a date–like a wedding date or birthdate, like 10-21-2015. The six character ring is great for dates as well, 10-21-15, or six letter words or names. The “signet” ring has two characters, where initials are ideal and I know there are some two letter words out there, which could be perfect for this hidden message ring.You can choose either eight, six or two characters and the ring will have three rows of diamonds of either four, twelve or sixteen columns.

I chose the two character Signet ring, with my initials being my hidden message “DM.” I liked the fact that DM could stand for my name Danielle Miele OR it could be Danielle + Matt (my husband’s name). The first row of diamonds is entirely turned upside down, so my design is already really cool. I chose my ring to be pinky size so I could easily wear it on my pinky or as a midi ring, making it even more wearable and interchangeable. So far, I’ve worn it several different ways and was really surprised by how great it pairs with just about anything. My favorite combination though was with the rings shown above–my antique platinum and diamond Art Deco ring, a Victorian teardrop aquamarine and my Gram’s old wedding ring with her elusive glass stone. It gave off an “icy” vibe which I was totally feeling.

If you want your own Feel the Love ring, I’ve got a special discount code for you: GEMGOSSIP20 will take 20% off your purchase, which includes anything from Jessie V E Jewellery‘s website. So you may also still be pondering my other favorite from her, the Constellation ring, and that code is good for that as well! Happy shopping!