What You Need to Know About Diamond Eternity Wedding Bands

If you’re interested in a diamond eternity wedding band, you’re certainly not alone. These gorgeous wedding bands are quickly becoming the preferred style for couples who want their rings to make a statement.

Diamond eternity wedding bands blend together a perfect mix of opulence, luxury, and sentimentality. For one, the circle of small diamonds that completely encompass the band are meant to signify the undying bond between you and your sweetheart. Add a bit of glamour factor to the mix (after all, your band is surrounded by diamonds!), and it’s no wonder more couples are opting to say, “I do” to a diamond eternity wedding band.

If you’re interested in wearing one of these bands for the rest of your life, here’s what you need to know about diamond eternity wedding bands:

The Color Grade Matters

You know that when it comes to picking the perfect diamond wedding band, you must always emphasize cut, color, clarity, and carat. With regards to diamond eternity wedding bands, you really want to focus on color here. The more colorless the diamond, the more brilliance and sparkle your wedding band will have. Look for a grade of at least an I (near-colorless), with the absolute best grade ranging from A to C (diamonds are graded on an alphabetical scale). This way, you’ll give your diamond eternity wedding band a true chance to shine.

The Metal Matters Even More

What’s more important than the quality of the diamonds? The color of your metal wedding band, of course! If you’re opting for an eternity wedding band, you’ll want to choose a metal that best shows off the sparkle and gleam of your diamonds. With this in mind, look for a platinum or palladium metal for your wedding band. Both are strong and durable metals that will provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding band. If you’re on a budget, opt for a white-gold band: it’s a similarly great backdrop for all those gorgeous diamonds around your finger.

Find a Great Jeweler

All those little diamonds in your wedding band practically guarantee that you’ll need to have them regularly cleaned. That’s why it pays to find a great jeweler you can rely on now. That way, when you need your wedding band cleaned or fixed, you won’t have to hunt around for a high-quality jeweler.

Of course, there’s one more piece of advice: be sure to enjoy the look of your gorgeous diamond eternity wedding band!