HTC ‘Halfbreak’ Android Wear smartwatch leaks

A new leak has revealed insider pictures of HTC’s long-awaited Android Wear smartwatch.

Codenamed ‘Halfbreak’ the pictures show the watch to be dual-branded with Under Armour, with a clear heart rate sensor present on the case. The smart money is on a fitness-focussed device, complementing the company’s fitness band the Under Armour Band.

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So what other information can we glean? Well, the circular watch face isn’t sullied by a flat tyre, which has been a problem for so many Android Wear devices. The black plastic bezel doesn’t look up to much from the pictures, more evidence of a heavy slant toward fitness, much like the all-new Polar M600, which also uses Android Wear.

HTC certainly has its work cut out. The partnership with Under Armour hasn’t exactly changed the game as we’d hoped back at CES 2016, when the Health Box was unveiled. HTC built the Under Armour Band (which was essentially the long-delayed HTC Grip) but it reviewed badly in our tests, no thanks to the appalling build-quality and screen.

With the bar being raised by the likes of Polar, Nixon and – away from Android Wear – Apple and Garmin, HTC can’t afford to fudge this latest offering.

Other details are still scant, with the possibility of a 360×360 display the only tangible rumour. That would have been impressive in 2014, which is pretty much how long we’ve been waiting for HTC’s smartwatch. Stay tuned here for updates.

Source: Phandroid; Photos: Weibo (sign in required)