Women are more into the Apple Watch Series 2 than the original

The Apple Watch Series 2 is one of the only new smartwatches we’ve seen lately that doesn’t lean more masculine than last year’s cohort. The Samsung Gear S3s are huge and modelled on mens watches, the Asus ZenWatch 3 is a 45mm smartwatch.

The Series 2, though, seems to be proving slightly more of a hit with women than the first watch. Data collated by Slice Intelligence from online transactions shows that 26% of Series 2 pre-orders from 9 – 12 September were from women. That’s versus a percentage of 20% women from 10 – 13 April 2015, the equivalent period.

OK, so 26% still isn’t that high – it’s generally agreed that more men currently buy smartwatches. But as this rising figure shows, it could be a Catch-22 situation that is slowly shifting to close the gap. Women won’t buy smartwatches until they look stylish and are actually useful. But 2016’s smartwatches from Apple to Fossil to Nixon are both better looking and more functional than we’ve seen yet.

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So why the difference? It’s slightly fatter but overall the Series 2 design is almost identical to the first Apple Watch so this could be down to the new fitness focused features like waterproofing and dedicated apps for swimming plus the Breathe app for meditating. We won’t really know until millions of women start using the new Apple smartwatch.

Elsewhere, Slice Intelligence found that slightly more millenials (39%) than Gen-Xers (36%) were pre-ordering the device and the number of baby-boomers going for the Cupertino wearable dropped from 26% to 20% too. So, the age of Apple Watch wearers is getting younger which will please the teams who decided to get Pharrell, Katy Perry et al to publicise the first device.

Most Apple Watch pre-orders were for the 42mm size – no surprise given the still considerable male/female split – with 70% of sales being with a Sport band and mostly in black whether it’s nylon or Sport. Standard.

More interesting is the fact that almost a third of Series 2 pre-orders came from people who bought the original Apple Watch. So as expected, brand loyalty is playing a big part in Apple selling way more smartwatches than any other player.

Have you bought an Apple Watch Series 2? Who are you? Did you buy the first one? What convinced you? Let us know in the comments.

Via: Fast Company