Timex’s IQ+ Move is a fitness tracker for the watch lovers

Timex entered the smart analogue watch market last year with the Metropolitan+, and now it’s taking another swing with the IQ+ Move.

The Metropolitan only came in one 42mm size, but the Move comes in a few different styles and sizes to appeal to both men and women, along with a bunch of straps to customise them with.

The women’s models come in 37mm cases and the men’s in 41mm but are both water resistant to 50 meters and perform the same smart features. The Move tracks steps, distance, calories burned and sleep metrics, with all the information available to see in the companion app.

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There’s also a sub-dial on the face that will offer up some of this data at a glance, and Timex has added in its signature ‘Indiglo’ backlight so you can still see the watch when it’s dark. However, notifications for calls and messages, a feature found on several other smart analogue watches, is missing.

Timex's new IQ+ Move smart analogue watch

While the movement tracking seems quite basic – ie this isn’t a running watch – Timex is making available some silicone straps for those of you who plan on using the Move for heavier activities. There are also a couple of sportier-looking cases, but only available in the men’s sizes.

The Move uses a standard watch battery, meaning you won’t have to worry about charging it, and all the models are priced at $149. The watch is available on the Timex site and only shipping to the US for now, but Timex tells us it won’t be available in the UK until 17 February next year.