Martian’s smart analogue watches put Alexa on your wrist

Martian has announced it’s adding Alexa to its mVoice and Guess Connect watches – and she’s available to download today.

The mVoice and Guess timepieces already allowed for vocal commands, but by bringing Amazon’s personal assistant onboard you’ll have access to thousands of Alexa’s Skills, and something more akin to a personal assistant.

If you’ve used an Alexa device before, such as the Echo, you’ll know this means she can perform tasks like reading out the day’s news headlines, checking the weather, playing music, or even ordering you an Uber. And the more you use it, the more it adapts to your voice patterns.

Given how impressed we’ve been with Alexa to date, we’re all for transporting her abilities to a watch, especially as Martian’s smart timepieces lack a full display. You’ll still be able to use Google Now and Siri alongside Alexa too, depending on what phone you have.

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Martian’s not the first to bring Alexa to the wrist, with the CoWatch and Omate watches also packing in the brains of Amazon’s smart assistant.

If you’ve got a Martian watch that supports the update you just need to download the Martian app and apply the firmware update. It’s compatible with legacy Passport, Victory and G2G models, and all new mVoice devices.