Apple Watch owners can ‘Ring In The New Year’ with latest challenge

After debuting the Thanksgiving Day challenge earlier this year, Apple is back with another calendar-themed activity for Apple Watch owners.

This new one is cleverly named ‘Ring In The New Year’, and is encouraging users to get more active in January 2017. In order to earn the achievement, you’ll need to close all three Activity rings on the watch for an entire week – Monday to Sunday – in January.

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If you’ve just picked up an Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1 or even an original Apple Watch and still getting to grips with it, the Activity rings are a big part of the company’s built-in fitness tracker. It let’s you quickly glance at calories burned, active exercise minutes along with a stand ring that tells you how many hours you’ve stood up and got moving for at least a minute.

All Watch owners should now be seeing the new challenge pop up, and completing it will also give you some “special stickers” for iMessages, in case that’s a better incentive for you. And of course, a shiny new badge to show off to your friends.

The challenge will start on 2 January, and you’ll have four chances (four weeks) to get that special shiny new badge. We hope to see Apple do more of these challenges in 2017 too. Something to burn off the Easter chocolate would probably be a good idea…