Unusual jewels blackened gold ‘half-gloves’

We’re thrilled to have Federica Frosini on board as our Guest Editor for September 2013.

 federica frosini adorn london jewelry trends one

Chunky necklaces, chain cascades, chandelier earrings, all delight me. I have always loved unusual jewels. But when it comes to really making a statement, bold rings top the list. This is why I persist in dressing my fingers with rings that are closer to sculpture than an ordinary piece of jewellery. In fact, having my hands thus adorned, and without jewellery surrounding my neck or hanging from my ears, makes me feel stronger than ever.

With this in mind,  the rings I’ve chosen to showcase today are a series of blackened gold ‘half-gloves’ that, stylistically speaking, share some traits with knuckleduster rings, but move things firmly into new terrain.

Proud, appealing and ambitious – right now they have no rivals in the jewellery wardrobe. From Colette‘s emerald snake ring (bottom) and Elise Dray‘s four-finger Jardin Malefique ring (top) to the very Italian archi-ring by Turin-based Sardo (below), the challenge now is to decide on a sparring partner… And the winner is?

federica frosini adorn london jewelry trends Sardo-Dark-matter-ring

federica frosini adorn london jewelry trends Colette