Five Tips to Organize Your Jewelry

Fill in the blank: “I can’t leave home without _______________.” If that blank is jewelry related, we’re on the same page. When you forget to put on your favorite everyday necklace or ring, you feel as though you’re missing something all day. That is how much of an impact precious and significant jewelry pieces have on us.

You love your jewelry, so take good care of it. Start your spring-cleaning with five tips to organize your jewelry. 

1. Keep Everyday Items Within Reach


Start to organize your jewelry with these everyday items in mind.

You wear them every day, so easy access is key. The pieces you wear regularly—your wedding band, heirloom ring, simple monogram necklace—should be kept in a jewelry tray front row and center. Start to organize your jewelry with these everyday items in mind.

2. The More Compartments, The Better

Look for containers with multiple compartments to avoid tangling of necklaces or scratching of jewelry finishes or gemstones. Invest in jewelry organizers that feature velvet interiors or compartmentalized containers with clear lids. The velvet will keep your pieces scratch-free and the clear lids allow you to easily find what you’re looking for. You may even choose to hang your necklaces and bracelets from hooks so they do not amass into a knot.

3. Put The Same Types of Jewelry Together


See all of your options when selecting what jewelry to wear.

Each container can hold one type of jewelry—earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. Keeping like items together is practical to have every option available when selecting what you want to wear. That way, when dressing up your ears, you can see all of your options at once and not fish around inside a bowl for the other earring.

4. Get Creative


Choose organizers that reflect your personality and add to your décor.

Organize your jewelry in a visually pleasing way. Choose attractive containers and organizers that reflect your personality and add to your décor. This may include a colorful ceramic plate for your everyday items, a beautiful jewelry box or two, and  for those of us who have more jewelry than shoes, consider a jewelry armoire – a free-standing furniture piece, with many drawers and compartments.

5. Secure Your Precious Pieces

Photo courtesy of Brown Safe Mfg.

Keep your jewels truly secure with a safe. Photo courtesy of Brown Safe Mfg.

If you are an avid jewelry collector, you may have many valuable items. Ensure their protection with a safe that secures them when you are not wearing them or go out of town. Are you planning a vacation soon? Look at 10 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry.

A well-organized jewelry collection can eliminate the headache of searching for specific pieces when you’re limited on time. When you organize your jewelry, everything will be in an accessible place. You may be in a rush to get ready, but with your jewelry collection easily at your fingertips, you’ll leave home feeling complete.

How do you keep your jewelry organized?  We’d love to hear your tips!