My Jewel Box: A Peg Doll Charm from the1930s

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This might be my favorite thing I ever bought. The story of how I acquired this kooky charm is definitely worth its own blog post!  If you read my blog, you may have seen that I visited Sarah’s Vintage & Estate Jewelry in Buffalo, NY on my quick trip back home. I loved visiting the store, meeting the owner Sarah and everything about that day–it was magical.  What happened afterwards when I got home to Nashville, you could say, was also magical and somewhat mysterious.

So here is what happened…

I was going through photos on my iPhone as I do every weekend, trying to delete things from the previous week and organize my life. When I visit stores, I take photos with a professional camera and barely use my iPhone.  I did however take a couple pictures with my iPhone during my visit–I remember trying to see what the best angle would be to shoot images without getting a ton of reflection from the windows–so I was “test shooting” photos. A few of these test shots captured some pieces of jewelry I overlooked on my visit, the main being the above 14k yellow gold Peg Doll charm. I was scrolling through the photos and there she was clear as day amongst all the other blurry shots. I was like, “What is this?! This is amazing!!” 

I knew I had to reach out to Sarah and ask about the charm, hoping it was still in her store. I envisioned her response being like, “A doll charm? I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’ve never had something like that before” …and it being a twilight zone situation. haha But sure enough, she still had it and the rest is history! 

I posted a photo of the charm earlier today and asked if anyone knew any information on this unique piece. Special thanks to Eden of The Eden Collective who had a similar charm at one point and did some digging on it. She called it a “Peg Doll” charm most likely from the 1930s, originating in Germany. These peg doll charms were very popular back then.  If anyone knows anything else, I’d be happy to hear! And also would love to see any interesting or unique charms in your collection too! 



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