Shoulder-skimming earrings are in hot demand

The month that is Fashion Week is officially upon us, with New York’s final shows wrapping up, and London, Milan and Paris now readying the runways.  is shoulder-skimming earrings, and for those who prefer the sparkle of diamonds to the flutter of boho feathers, there are some inspiring luxury jewellery creations ripe for the picking. 

Metal choice is an important factor when choosing long earrings, as anything too heavy will drag the lobe down and make for an uncomfortable experience. Platinum is definitely out, but gold and silver used cleverly can be a good option, allowing for secure gem settings and a luxurious touch. 

Gaelle Khouri combines yellow gold, blackened silver and blue sapphires to create these cascading Thoughtfalls earrings (£1,050).

Lebanese jewellery designer Gaelle Khouri thought carefully about weight versus length when creating her Thoughtfalls earrings. She has created fringes with slivers of oxodised silver and solid yellow gold, which create drama without relying on a solid mass of metal. “I notice women moving away from minimalistic jewellery and going for bigger statement pieces,” says Khouri. “I think it’s a change that’s to be expected, as fashion is dynamic, and style and trends are in constant flux. Statement and long earrings are very much in demand now because, on the one hand, they help accentuate the physical attributes of women, such as a long neck, and so add to her elegance. On the other hand, I feel it’s always easier to wear statement earrings day through to night compared to a statement necklace.”

Another jewellery designer who is a fan of long earrings – and jewels in general – is Dionea Orcini, who works spiritual motifs into her fine jewellery designs. One of the largest designs in her current repertoire is the Amanee malachite, onyx and diamond earrings, inspired by the intricate lifelines that cross our palms. “Earrings have always been a symbol of seduction and forbidden temptation,” says Orcini, who is currently receiving a constant stream of requests for long earrings. “It was believed that the dangling and sparkling effect created a sort of magical enchantment, therefore the longer the earrings, the stronger the incantesimo. Feminine and elegant long earrings create an optical illusion that elongates the neck, and contours and slims the face. However, what I particularly love about long earrings is that they make us more aware of our movements – we immediately raise our head high and assume a more regal and confident posture.”

Face sculpting, neck elongating, posture correcting and right on trend – it’s no wonder that long, luxurious earrings are in hot demand.   

  • Antonini white gold and diamond Aurea earrings

    White gold and diamond Aurea earrings


    £ 10,826

  • Nadia Morgenthaler pearl and diamond earrings

    Pearl, diamond and blackened silver earrings

    Nadia Morgenthaler


  • Gaelle Khouri blue sapphire Thoughtfalls earrings

    Thoughtfalls silver, gold and sapphire earrings

    Gaelle Khouri

    £ 1,050

  • Vianna Brasil Raffinato white gold earrings

    Raffinato white gold earrings

    Vianna Brasil

    $ 32,000

  • Nicholas Lieou yellow gold and Tahitian pearl earrings

    Yellow gold and Tahitian pearl earrings

    Nicholas Lieou

    $ 6,550

  • Dionea Orcini Amanee green agate diamond and gold earrings

    Amaneé malachite, onyx and diamond earrings

    Dionea Orcini

    £ 11,610