Sneak Peek Week for New Designs

I usually don’t share photos of a work in progress because a lot can change while a jewelry design is being completed, especially with intricate pieces that take months to finish. I like to wait till the work is done, then backtrack and show some of the steps I took along the way:  rough sketches, wax models and so on. I’ve even been known to alter designs after I think I’ve completed them, the way I did with the Bull and the Bullfighter Maneater ring. As you can see, I moved the bull up, so that he towers over the bullfighting arena, rather than standing in it.


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At times, I’ve regretted sharing the “before” photo for that Bull ring because people have grabbed it and used it in stories about my work. The final result is so much better than the original look.

Despite that, I’m throwing caution to the wind and giving sneak peeks of new designs (or the gems that will be part of my new designs) over on Instagram. Follow me here to see what’s coming up!