Got an Opal Superstition?! Not Anymore,Thanks to Arik Kastan!


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Bold and statement-making. Our two favorite jewel attributes! This stunner pairs opals with a center round ruby, mixing geometrics (round shape) with floral patterns. Autumn has never seen a better looking fall staple!

Framed Mandala Ring, Price: $2,266

Arik Kastan

We love these drop earrings done in 14k rose gold and the cool combo of opal/citrine because they are an unexpected gem duo. The perfect size for a drop, which makes them easy to throw on any day of the week whether you’re dressed up or running to the store in your PJs!

Larkspur drop earrings, Price: $1,386

Arik Kastan

If you don’t know which direction you’re headed, bring along this opal Compass ring, a favorite of the Arik Kastan collection. Any doubts or feeling like you’re lost will vanish once you slip this baby onto your finger. In all seriousness, it renders a type of confidence we’ve never seen before!

Compass ring, Price: $1,694

Arik Kastan

Your ears will be fall fabulous with these cluster earrings from Arik Kastan. Something about this juxtaposition between the soft, romantic opals and the edgy, vibrant fire opal has us swooning! Fall foliage doesn’t even compare with these beauties!

Blossom post earrings, Price: $1,254

Arik Kastan

The Sunflower ring perks right up when set with our rainbow of opals, each hand-selected for the design. Something about the combination of rose gold and opals gets us every time! October babies, we got you!

Sunflower ring, Price: $1,144

Arik Kastan

Ward off evil and look cool doing so! The Evil Eye pendant is a layer-ready, covet-worthy necklace that is done in ruby and opals. A signature beaded chain adds an extra dimension to this great accessory!

Evil Eye Pendant, Price: $1,840

Arik Kastan

Are you an October baby that just wants a small touch of your birthstone?! This gem set eternity band is just what you’re craving! Easily stackable with your other rings or classic enough to stand on its own. Let this be your signature style and celebrate your October birthstone with pride!

Thin Stacking band in opal, Price: $1,144

Arik Kastan

Arik Kastan took our favorite ruby/opal gemstone combination and created a pair of earrings that will knock your socks off! Inspired by stained glass windows, these earrings are a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. Spice things up a bit with these hanging from your ears.

Stained Glass drop earrings, Price: $2,560

Arik Kastan

Jewelry’s most wanted: a navette style ring. Arik Kastan has you covered, as we’ve researched the best size, shape, style and narrowed it down to this design! And oh my opals! Such a glorious ring!

Grande Navette ring, Price: $1,620

Arik Kastan

Vintage-inspired and ready for your wrist! The Victoria bangle suits any style and any outfit, but we prefer to stack it with other bracelets and bangles, even pair it with your everyday watch. Done in Arik Kastan’s signature 14k rose gold and set with the most mesmerizing opals.