Gem Gossip Visits Kathryn Elyse Jewelry in Seattle,WA

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Wearing turquoise & diamond earrings, boulder opal and chrysocolla malachite necklaces

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Pretty pops of color are Kathryn’s signature style, rutilated quartz & pink opal are a favorite

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

This tassel necklace is done in 18k yellow gold with an adjustable chain (also available in rose or white gold, with a variety of gemstone choices)

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Checking out all the jewelry at Kathryn’s studio

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

So much color–which is your favorite?!

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Love this sleek look in black onyx and 18k yellow gold

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

All the jewelry can be found on her gallery page

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Tassel earrings are WAY fun to wear!

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Time to pick favorites!

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

These four look great together, pink opal, rainbow moonstone, labradorite & chrysoprase

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

They look good lined up, color-coded and all!

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Speaking with Kathryn and learning about her story

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Never one to mix brown and black, but Smokey Quartz & Onyx?! YES!!

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

A rainbow lineup, stones sourced from all over the globe

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Mermaid hair with mermaid rings, that pink opal is calling my name!

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Black & gold is a favorite color combo for Kathryn too!

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Kathryn’s latest earring designs, they are SO GOOD, I stacked them together

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

Jewelry designer Kathryn and I stopping to pose for the camera

Kathryn Elyse | Gem Gossip

The sheen on this Labradorite ring is unlike anything I’ve seen!

My last stop on my Seattle #JewelryRoadTrip was color-filled and very inspiring! The jewelry studio of Kathryn Elyse Jewelry took me into her faceted world, where this new, first-time mother is head-over-heels in love with gems! Her studio is as picturesque as you could get in a city that looks like a postcard from every angle.  I was so excited to meet Kathryn and spend some time with a young and aspiring designer, to get some perspective on being a newcomer and see some fascinating gems.

Kathryn Elyse Jewelry wasn’t always on the path to a jewelry-centric life. After graduating from college, she took a job as a personal banker. As I read in this shocking interview, Kathryn was robbed at gunpoint just weeks into her first “real world” job. It was then and there she realized life was too short to not follow your dreams and passion. She had always loved jewelry; growing up making earrings and necklaces out of beads, artistically prompted by her mother who fostered Kathryn’s creativity as she was a school teacher. Soon after she realized she wanted to take her jewelry designing to a serious level, she enrolled at the prestigious Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts located in San Francisco. There she learned all the skills her jewelry-making soul was craving.

Equipped now with the capabilities of a jewelry designer and creator, she took her lifetime of design inspiration and put it to work! Kathryn developed an entire line rich in color, texture and high-wearability for customers and clientele hungry for just that. Seeing her jewelry in person, it comes off as very elegant, with an underlying playfulness that you have to bring out by wearing the pieces! Each piece can go with so many looks–dressed up or dressed down. I think that’s what makes her line so unique–it is so versatile and fun.

Kathryn is looking forward to what is next for her young, budding company. With trips to the Tucson Gem Show already under her belt, she is continually designing new pieces and finding inspiration everywhere she travels. Thought it would be a fun way to get to know Kathryn through a list of FAVORITES of hers below.  And thanks to Kathryn for welcoming me into your studio and sharing your beautiful world with me!


Gemstone to wear?

I tend to have a gemstone du jour – daily gravitating to a new beauty. My most sentimental gemstone is now emerald as it’s my son’s birthstone. Even with emerald’s vibrancy, I treat the vivid pop of color like a neutral mixing with other hued gemstone pieces and my attire.

Gemstone to work with?

I love playing and contrasting various color and texture. Like accenting saturated opaque (chrysoprase) or iridescent (labradorite and rainbow moonstone) gems with the brilliant refraction of diamonds. I definitely gravitate to stones with unique, one of a kind properties like inclusions (beryls) or asymmetrical formations (Australian boulder opals). Because of this, I actually prefer “perfectly imperfect” sapphires and emeralds, for example, that have interesting inclusions over highly transparent ones. Variations and fissures can’t be replicated giving the specimen unparalleled character. The variety of rainbow and texture is a testament to Earth’s miraculous geology and what draws me to each stone I hand select to work with and enhance.


Just as gemstones come from all over the globe, the best way for me to recharge and ignite creativity is through travel. The colorful rooftops of Lisbon, geometric precision of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and jewel toned sunsets in Santorini were invigorating experiences I’ll cherish forever. When I don’t have the luxury of physically travelling, admiring the world’s beauty through another perspective is stimulating. I can’t get enough of the @dailyoverview Instagram feed and am eagerly anticipating their upcoming book.

Must haves?

Rose gold – it complements any skin tone gorgeously! I made both my husband and my wedding bands in the radiant metal.

Guilty pleasure?

Magazines! Leisurely flipping through glossy prints brings me so much pleasure but unfortunately I don’t have enough free time and I feel guilty when subscriptions pile up.


Anything live! My latest concert was Adele – which is unlikely to ever be topped.

Furry friend?

Rowy, my one year old Australian labradoodle and real life teddy bear. Everyone swears he is part human based off his affectionate and spunky personality.

Part about being a mom?

Nothing is more heartwarming than gazing at my most beautiful creation and hearing his giggle!

Local Seattle restaurant?

I love how diverse and constantly expanding the Seattle food scene is. Altura is my ultimate favorite for intimate and romantic occasions; Canon’s creative cocktails, Westward’s waterfront ambience, The Walrus and the Carpenter’s oysters, Stateside and Revel’s Asian fusion; The London Plane’s brunch, and everything at Deru Market (especially the chocolate peanut butter cake)

Local Seattle store?

Mario’s and La Ree are the best for investment pieces and basics alike; Totokaelo’s modern minimalist store aesthetic, and Essenza for the most delicious fragrances, candles and gifts

Local Seattle activity?

Anything and everything on the water – boating Lake Washington, waterfront dog parks, and ferrying across the sound

Kathryn Elyse Jewelry