Glittering star jewellery for AW15

Caroline bucci superstellar.001

Long likened to diamonds twinkling in the night sky, stars are an enduring symbol in jewellery. Hewn in precious metals and embellished with gemstones, stars with five, six or eight points will adorn the body again this autumn, teaming perfectly with the playful star designs weaving through fashion.

The latest collection from Carolina Bucci – Superstellar – is inspired by the annual Perseid meteor shower, as witnessed by Carolina very August over the skies over of San Lorenzo. With every shooting star a unique event, the collection offers the wearer the chance to mix-and-match pearl and precious metal studs with long ‘shooting star’ backs. Around the neck sit daintier chokers of multicoloured stars (above), almost hand-in-hand, each different to the next, while the textured finish given to the gold hints at the rocky surface of meteors.

Carolina bucci.001 Carolina Bucci superstellar bangle

Above: Saint Laurent star print shirt; white gold designs from Carolina Bucci’s AW15 Superstellar collection

The shooting star is another key design for Zoe & Morgan for AW15, part of its latest jewellery collection, Huia. Swooping around the neck or from the ear in silver and gold vermeil, glittering with six little diamonds, the pieces evoke those chance moments. Ruth Sibbald of Zoe & Morgan explains: “Our shooting stars are designed to give you the spark you feel when you’re lucky enough to see a meteorite. As an earring or necklace they symbolise freedom and excitement.”

Zoe and Morgan shooting stars.001

 Shooting star necklace and earring from the Huia collection by Zoe & Morgan

When it comes to fashion, this season is all about clusters of white stars against black backgrounds. Whether Saint Laurent’s tiny star print blouse, Equipment’s cutesy star pyjamas or Chinti and Parker’s rather cosy cashmere hoodie, stars are as plentiful in fashion as they are in the sky…

Taking the theme to a luxe level is Chloé’s Ruffled silk-chiffon dress – a dramatic piece imbued with gold foil coupé stars, drawing inspiration from none other than David Bowie. With its combination of muted gold, bronze and rusty tones, the dress works beautifully with the mixed-metal and mixed-finish nature of many of this season’s star jewellery, in particular Annoushka’s Love Diamonds Lunar necklace, Venyx World’s Theiya earrings, which reference the North Star, and Jayce Wong’s Gatsby rings set with rose cut sapphires.

Chloe venyx jayce annoushka.001

Caroline Bucci shooting star earrings

Above: Theiya star earrings by Venyx World, Lunar necklace by Annoushka, dress by Chloé, Gatsy rings by Jayce Wong. Shooting star long-back earrings by Carolina Bucci