The natural beauty of Margot McKinney’s jewels

A gem that could transport one to a different place is uncommon, but Margot McKinney is just one of the very few designers who’s ready to gently get into the gossamer-fine split between fantasies and reality and crystallise them to heart-achingly stunning stone. If you do not believe me, have a peek at McKinney’s gorgeous bracelet, under.

How can she get it? Though the magic of Margot’s stones might be in the prosperity of lush color and intriguing textures, her real art lies in creating each gem as natural as a blade of grass.

Shunning the formality normally connected with stones of the value and opulence, Margot dives deep to the colourful soul of every gem and frees them to glow in a fresh light, rubbing shoulders with stone rarely seen in exactly the exact same firm. Mother Nature does not hold back on the amount of colors on a parrot’s wing and does Margot with all the the quality or number of stones within her stones, which seem equally at ease on the red carpet because they do about the shore at sunset.

Among those stones which best captures Margot’s soul is that the opal, using its mesmerising drama of colors she considers elicit feelings of calm and escapism. “I adore opals that seem like they’ve been plucked from the sea or by an exotic sea with an enigmatic drama of green and blue to pink and orange,” she states. Located from the nearly desert-like states of the harsh landscape, boulder opals seem as fresh as though scooped from the Great Barrier Reef. “I’m hugely attracted to Australia’s natural resources, such as opals, which I really like matching with pearls and brilliant diamonds from all over the world. I locate the mixing of colors so arousing.”

Margot is a committed gem-hunter and over the decades has made friends with all the opal miners in Lightning Ridge. “Much of this time that they live quite frugally, their times spent underground at the endless pursuit of finding a seam of color which could hold the promise of a gorgeous gem,” clarifies Margot of her intimate relationship together. Equally, the miners have a crystal clear idea of exactly what Margot desires and will call her first once they locate a unique gem.

The remarkable stones you find in Margot’s stones find their way for her at a similar manner. Gem-cutters across the globe understand that Margot is on the marketplace for its many vibrant and beautiful coloured gems. “I was recently supplied some outstanding morganite from a personal collection that had not seen the light of day for a long time and it’s by far the most amazing I’ve ever seen. It is the exact same for both amethyst and old-world Santa Maria aquamarines which are so amazing you need to dive in to them. You simply don’t get that high quality and dimensions of rough ,” says Margot.

But that’s only the beginning. When Margot operates her appeal on her, she creates stones that talk right to the heart, making her a following that extends all of the way around the globe. “My stones appeal to girls that aren’t ordered to by artists are powerful and assured of their particular fashion,” that is precisely how you could explain Margot’s stones that, when seen, are not abandoned.