Exciting Proposal Ideas That She Will Never Forget

proposal-ideaYou’ve decided to propose because you simply can’t live without the lady in your life-now to buy an engagement ring and decide how to pop the question! To show her just how much you love her, you have to plan an exciting proposal. And then there is the ring! There are so many ring choices out there. But keep in mind the way you intend to propose, and her personality, when choosing that special engagement ring. Here are a few suggestions to make your proposal memorable.

The Grand Gesture. Many women want to be swept off their feet. The proposal is a way to remind them that they are a queen in your eyes. The grand gesture proposal is all about thinking big. For instance, plan special vacation together to a romantic location, like a Caribbean island. Or, if she has never been to Europe, take her for a romantic trip to Paris and propose in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Even if you can only escape for a few days, you want to make her feel pampered before you propose. The best rings to match a grand gesture proposal are multi-stone rings, like three stone diamond engagement rings. A beautiful choice, they feature a band in the metal of your choosing with one large diamond flanked by two diamonds. Or, since you are going all out, choose a fancy engagement ring! These rings are elegant, sought-after designs. They are all about unique settings and lots of sparkle.

A Personalized Proposal. You don’t have to take out a second mortgage on your house to plan a special evening to propose. You can build an evening and a ring around her personality. If she loves to cook, consider planning a romantic evening where you cook her favorite foods. Or if you are no chef-consider taking a cooking class together. These classes are fun and romantic! The key here is to think about her interests and how you can incorporate them into a fun day or evening. Make sure her personality shines through in the ring for a personal proposal. If she loves poetry, inscribe a line from her favorite poem inside of the engagement ring. If she loves history, take her to a museum. Once there, she will love a proposal surrounded by beautiful works of art-and she’ll love that antique-inspired ring. Speak with her mother and look for an antique ring that looks similar to something a family member might have owned..

An Intimate, Classic Proposal. The proposal during a candlelight dinner at a restaurant is always a good choice. This is a classic proposal, and what better ring than a classic ring? Choose a solitaire ring for this special evening. Wow her with a stunning diamond in a platinum band right after you share a decadent dessert. In an intimate setting and with a classic ring, she is sure to say yes. 
Use the proposal (and that perfect diamond engagement ring) to show her just how much she means to you!

Think of fun and romantic activities and then present her with that ring. Soon, you’ll be planning your wedded life together!