Tips For Delivering the Best Man Speech

Let’s take a
step back from helping you find the most awesome groomsmen gift and talk about
something a little more important.  There
are a few pivotal moments during the common wedding that really set the event
apart from others and make it a great, unique wedding.  There are the
traditional moments such the first look on the bride and there is the exchange
of vows.   As special as those are, it’s often difficult to truly
differentiate as there is only so much you can do with tradition staring you in
the face.  Hence the Best Man speech.  

There are few opportunities
that naturally offer a creative platform during wedding day that can set the
day apart and truly personalize as there is with speech time.  Timing
wise, it’s also the start of the party and the energy blast that sets the
stage.  The honus is put on the highest of matrimonial honors, the groomsmen. 
It’s here where you pay back on given that honor.  Having been to a number
of weddings, I’ve some to see weddings as standardized.  Sure, the invitations
can look unique, the steak might be great and DJ just might
happen to spin out awesome tunes.  Nothing gets things started
like a solid best man speech.  So best men, you should be nervous for this
– it comes with the territory.  Having seen some horrid best man speeches
and some great ones, it’s quite amazing to see how impactful they are at
setting the first line of culture to the day’s event.  If you want grandma
out on the floor shaking it to the electric slide and having a blast, don’t
underestimate what the best man’s speech can do in getting her out of her

What doesn’t
work?  Canned stuff that you find on the internet doesn’t work.  Nor
do cliché’s, talking about yourself too much or over-roasting the groom. 
As funny as a good roast may be to other groomsmen, no one want to hear about
how the groom woke up tied up with no clothes on during spring break. 
There are ways to extend humor with class and in ways that can aspire to the
wider audience.  

Always side to short and sweet, but with awesome substance. 
Quality is much more important than quantity.  What you’re looking for is
the perfect balance of personalization, humor and sentimentalism.  Something
funny and something that showcases the character of the groom.  Something that’s going to play those good old
heart strings.  As much as you’d like to think the entire audience is your
old frat, there are a lot of mom’s and older guests that will eat that
up.  Try to dig deep, have some impact and be engaging, but don’t overdo
it.  It’s a lot to think about, but not to underestimate.  And
hopefully you will be rewarded with one of the best groomsmen gifts out there.