The Best Settings For Men’s Diamond Rings

mr5579They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in today’s day and age, more men are looking to sport a piece of sparkling diamond jewelry on their finger. Whether it’s through a diamond engagement ring (which is getting increasingly popular thanks to the LGBT community) or diamond wedding bands that match the rings of their brides, men are becoming more interested in diamond rings.

Men’s diamond engagement and wedding rings are becoming more popular, there are many men out there that are still confused about how to choose the right setting. They’re looking for the right combination between luxurious diamonds and a masculine appearance. Fortunately, the following techniques can help you and your man pick out the best settings for men’s diamond rings:

• Learn about the most popular men’s diamond rings that are out there today. One of the most popular settings for a man’s diamond ring is the channel setting, as it blends together smaller diamonds for a luxurious yet masculine look. A channel setting places smaller diamonds in a line across the ring, which is surrounding by the band itself. Channel settings can go all the way around the band, or they can be as small as a three-stone channel setting ring. These bands are perfect for men who work with their hands, as the channel setting secures the diamonds in a way that’s much more stable and durable.

• Solitaire diamond rings are also popular for men, but don’t confuse them with the solitaire diamond engagement rings that are available for women. Solitaire rings – also commonly referred to as tension settings – has a single diamond that’s affixed in the middle of the ring’s band. It may look like it’s floating in the middle of the ring, but it’s very stable and solid. This is a trendy and highly fashionable ring, which is perfect for the man who wants to stand out from the crowd.mr1734

• If you’re looking for a men’s diamond ring that has nothing to do with weddings and engagements, consider getting a fancy cut diamond ring. These blinged-out settings pack a serious punch, as they combine numerous small diamonds to make an amazing statement. These are perfect for trend-setting men who aren’t afraid to sport a lot of glamorous diamonds on their hands.

These are the best settings for men’s diamond rings, as they’re stable, fashionable, and extremely durable. There are many additional settings for men’s diamond rings, so visit to discover them all!