Anniversary gift ideas? Upgrade her wedding ring

You exchanged beautiful wedding rings when you got married but now that it’s your anniversary it could be the perfect time to upgrade her wedding ring with something new and fresh. There are different ways in which you can do this to make it a sentimental and loving anniversary gift.


Add Bling to the Set

When thinking about upgrading wedding rings, you might reckon that yours are too special to be replaced, especially because they carry your vows and commitment to each other. If you know your wife really loves her wedding ring and wouldn’t want to change it, then you could opt for a different idea instead to mark the anniversary: you could give her a new wedding ring that she can wear on special occasions so that you don’t replace the current one that she wears daily.

When doing this, it can be beneficial to make the new wedding ring match the original wedding band. Although it doesn’t have to be a perfect match, choosing a design that uses the same metal or gemstones creates a perfectly stylish set. That way, when she does wear the rings together, they’ll look elegant and complement each other.

Choose Something New

Another, bolder, idea is to replace the wedding ring. Before doing this, be sure to investigate if your wife would like a new ring, perhaps one that matches her current style, for instance. A wedding ring replacement can be a great idea if you’ve been married for many years and it feels like the ring’s style has become a bit dated. In such cases, a dazzling new ring can feel fresh and exciting!


Bear in mind that wedding ring prices can go up to $4,000, with the average price being around the $1,500 mark. Choose something that you know she’ll love and appreciate, and if you are going to be making a pricey investment in a replacement wedding ring, a good idea is to tie it in with a huge milestone in your marriage. You don’t want to have to buy lots of rings over the span of your marriage as this will make the sentiment lose effect. Make the ring mean something more than just a gift of jewelry by using it as a symbol for your experience.

Make it A Perfect Pair

When looking at new wedding rings, you could buy diamond anniversary rings that you can both wear. There are many men’s diamond anniversary rings to choose from that are masculine but elegant. Buying matching rings is a sentimental way to mark the start of the next chapter in your story. You could even have a ceremony where you renew your vows so that the exchanging of these new wedding rings takes on an even more special meaning.


Reset the Ring

If you don’t want to buy a new wedding ring for the anniversary, another option is to have the ring reset. This is an easy way to freshen up the look of the wedding band without changing it completely – so it’s great for sentimental brides too.

Upgrading your wedding ring in this way doesn’t have to be difficult or too expensive. Small changes to the ring go a long way to give it a lovely makeover. Adding lines of diamonds on either side of the central stone creates sparkle. Adding a halo around the main diamond or stone uplifts the ring and makes it appear larger, too. Use the same stones in your halo as the ones in your ring if you want an elegant, timeless touch. On the other hand, gemstones in different colors bring boldness to the ring’s design. This is also a great opportunity with which to make the ring more personal – choose your wife’s birthstone or gemstones you know she loves to make the upgrade more meaningful.

What About the Heirloom?

If your wife’s wedding ring is an heirloom passed down through generations in the family, you want to update it without changing it too much. If the addition of diamonds makes the ring look garish or too modern, give that a skip in favor of plating the ring’s band instead. Heirloom rings usually contain yellow gold as their band, which might feel or look dated after many years. By plating the ring with white metal, this gives it a brand new look without destroying its character. This process is not expensive – it usually costs no more than $100 – and can be a great way to add a flash of modernity to a special piece.

Upgrading her wedding ring for your anniversary is a special way to mark the occasion. With so many different upgrading ideas, your diamond anniversary rings can become a symbol of how far you’ve come as well as the exciting journey that lies ahead.