Sunny’s Charm Jewelry Collection

Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet

Excited to share this collection story because it is unique–just as the person behind it is and she is unique in all the right ways! But when I do see her, she usually has a new piece she is wearing that we can talk about or we are at an antique show, both in the zone, hunting down treasures. Sunny can usually be found hunkered over a bin of some sort, sifting through things, in hopes of uncovering a cool charm she has yet to lay eyes on. Sunny Bond is one of those jewelry friends you can’t get enough of and I sadly only get to see her a few times a year. Her charm collection is extensive and truly a work of art! I’ll let her tell you the rest! 😉

“My Collection Story is definitely individual, just like a collection should be. I have an obsession with charms. I’ll never get over how something so small, perfect, and articulated, can be made out of gold and precious materials.”

Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet

“Seeing and playing with a tiny charm transports me back to childhood. I would play with my Mom’s charm bracelets, built for her by my grandmother, and marvel at these tiny little toys. The mousetrap, the mini deck of cards, and the tiny Ferris wheel were always among my favorites.”

Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet

“For my 7th birthday my Mom began my charm story. The Art Nouveau women, a favorite motif of hers, and the Egyptian charms, a favorite of mine, are a constant. Over the years, my husband and I have added to this bracelet with some of our life’s milestones.

The first year Gordon and I were married we decided to start a new tradition together. Every Christmas, Gordon finds a vintage charm for me that symbolizes our year together. The first was a bride and groom from the 1950s.”

Sunny Bond Charm BraceletSunny Bond Charm Bracelet

“Our second year, a tiny gold record, meant to symbolize his steadily growing obsession, and a crate of California Oranges as a We moved to California and lived to tell the tale charm. Last year it was a book of diamonds that swings open to reveal “I LOVE YOU”, symbolizing the year of work that went into launching Fox & Bond ( Along with those special memories, together we add love tokens that carry meaning for us; a hot water bottle, playing cards, a David Bowie lightning bolt, a martini shaker (you know, Bond)… little treasures that make up our love story.

The best aspect of charm collecting is that they tell your life story, show your travels, your memories, constant reminders of where you’ve been, the times that you treasure most and want to hold close forever.”

Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet

“My personal project and latest obsession has been my Charm Necklace. Like any charm collection, I’m not sure if it will ever be finished, but I feel ready to share it with the world! It’s a combination of family pieces and large scale charms I’ve found along the way. One of my major inspirations was the fabulous Sally Morrison, who has an incredible Charm Necklace! The open Russer Capricorn, the fully functional Ferris wheel, and the almond locket are among my current favorites. It’s such a bold piece and when I wear it, I feel fierce!”

Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet Sunny Bond Charm Bracelet

“Last but not least is the piece I wear everyday, with my most sentimental favorites. Charm bracelets can be tricky to wear daily, but a simple charm story is easy just to throw on and go!

The star is my F&B Hand Painted Pet Portrait with my beautiful pup Fanny. We make them custom, hand painted with your furry best friend, and trust me, they are seriously incredible. Alongside Fanny is my Art Deco DEAREST charm, given to me by Gordon on our wedding day, my Victorian red glass heart locket, Fanny’s and my BFF charms, hand-engraved with her name (hers hangs on her collar), and three F&B Mini’s that hold sentimental value to me; a Diamond Rose Gold Mini engraved with our wedding date “June 1st, 2013”, a Diamond White Gold Mini engraved with my in-laws’ wedding date “11.26.75” (my mother-in-law has a matching one), and a special Tsavorite Garnet Mini symbolizing mine and my mother’s January birthdays.

A lifetime charm obsession has fueled our buying for Fox & Bond. We have a devoted collection, The Charm Shop, as well as The Pet Portraits, and The Mini’s. They are incredibly personal and sentimental mementos and can be worn on their own, or together, building your life story.

These precious little treasures mean so much to me, and I’m sure you jewelry lovers out there feel the same way.”