5 Celebrity Engagement Ring Styles that Have Become Serious Trends

Sometimes the most beautiful engagement ring designs are first spotted on celebrity hands. From brilliant bling to subtle sophistication, here are some of the latest celebrity engagement ring trends and why they’re actually timeless pieces. Bring beauty and style to your wedding jewellery with these designs – without having to break the bank!


Diamond Clusters

Forget one diamond – choose a cluster of them! It’s all about displaying an eye-catching piece of jewellery that sparkles and glitters. If you want to make it even more unique, you can choose a halo or cluster of gems to bring color to the design. Diamond cluster engagement rings have been spotted on celebrities for decades, with bright gemstones being most memorable on celebrities like Princess Diana who has been credited as one of the celebrities to bring back the colorful engagement trend. Modern day celebrities also love this style and this is largely due to how they can be personalized. For instance, Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring is a cluster design containing a round diamond surrounded by a halo of emeralds, chosen because the greenish-blue hue matches her eyes.


Rose Gold

Instead of traditional silver and gold, rose gold is becoming very trendy in wedding jewellery. It adds a splash of warmth to your skin tone and personality to the style of your engagement ring. But it doesn’t have to be too visible. Small touches of rose gold can make an amazing impact, especially when they are teamed with pastel diamonds. An example of this can be seen in Blake Lively’s engagement ring. It has a pink oval diamond with a custom setting of rose gold and pave diamonds. The look is subtle yet stunning, especially since it perfectly complements her rose gold wedding ring that contains delicate diamonds.


One of a Kind Rings

When choosing wedding jewellery, you want something different and unique that speaks to you. Custom designs fit into this trend, allowing you to come up with your own design that displays your personality. A celebrity who flaunted this trend is Ashlee Simpson. Her engagement ring was a stunningly unique choice, containing gold and platinum covered in bright red rubies and 140 diamonds! Even if you don’t want to have as much decoration on your engagement ring, doing something different can make your ring more personalized to stand the test of time. Choose a twisted band or combine different metals, for instance, to add a burst of creativity.



Fancy Cuts

Although round diamonds have been popular for ages, recent trends have shown celebrities flaunting something a little fancier. Fancy cut diamonds are basically diamonds displaying different styles and shapes, which has the bonus of creating extra sparkle because they reflect the light differently. Some trends include the princess cut, pear-shaped diamonds, and the rectangular emerald shape. One of the most stunning fancy cut designs was sported by Avril Lavigne when she was engaged to Chad Kroeger: a dazzling, large pear-shaped diamond ring. Shapes give your engagement ring an extra level of eye-catching beauty so consider them in your design.


Eternity Bands

Eternity bands can be used to add more bling to your engagement ring. This is quite the trend in Hollywood. Smaller diamonds all over the eternity band instead of just one big diamond in the center give the ring lots of sparkly beauty and are also a good choice if you aren’t too keen on a large diamond. The great thing about this trend is that eternity bands are versatile with the rest of your wedding jewellery: you can stack them with other bands or more prominent rings. This has been seen on celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale, who wears two eternity bands next to her engagement ring. However, you can also make the eternity bands your actual engagement ring. Nikki Reed, whose engagement ring from Ian Somerhalder consists of two diamond-emblazoned eternity bands, maintains a classic and sophisticated look with this choice.

Celebrities always display new and exciting engagement ring designs. Get inspired by them to bring something trendy and uber-stylish to your wedding jewellery.