Google’s picked watch face winners for its Android Wear Fall collection

Earlier this year, Google gave everyone the opportunity to create a watch face for its fall Android Wear watch face collection.

Teaming up with Paper magazine, Google ran a social media competition looking for creative folk to come up unique watch face designs – and the five winners are below.

  • Daylight: a soft-colored design that evolves throughout the day (Designed by Andrea Gaita)
  • Keyaki: events unfold and nature changes around an elaborate tree (Designed by Marco A.)
  • Textile: a fashion show on your wrist – each day has a special fabric (Designed by Ron N.)
  • Flamingo: bubbles escape from the flamingo, which dissolves as your battery goes down (Designed by Andrea M.)
  • Vertigo: move, dance, do handstands – you can always read the time with this design (Designed by Dave K.)

A panel of judges that included Android Wear designer Morten Just, American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and style icon Jenné Lombardo picked the designs that have been turned into fully functioning Android Wear watch faces.

The grand prize winner, Andrew Gaita with Daylight, received a mentorship from Paper editorial director Mickey Boardman, who was also one of the judges, along with a trip to Paris Fashion Week to pick up a brand new Android Wear watch.

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Google released its first designer Android Wear watch face collection in December last year enlisting the likes of Ted Baker, Nicole Miller, Mango, Zoe Jordan, Harajuku Kawaii! and Asics to create a series of custom watch faces.

You can download the new fall watch faces from the Google Play Store and through the Android Wear app on iOS.