Vienna Back in the Day

MrB and I are currently in Vienna, attending the Global Editors Network Summit on media innovation. My No. 1 goal while here is to re-enact a photo from our last visit here, many years ago. This was probably taken in 1999 or 2000.


MrB, back in the day.

I, of course, was the immature individual who decided the sign looked a little like it said “Dumbass Street” and forced MrB to pose there. Since then, whenever one or the other of us has done something foolish, I say, “You/I have to go stand on Dumbass Street.” Maybe I’ll be the one standing there for our 2016 photo.

Here’s another photo from the same trip. Even if this was taken in 2000, it still captures the horror of late 1990s fashion.

megan fox dress

At the time, I thought those light-colored, leopard-print pants were the cat’s meow. Looking back, I find the shoes to be even more disturbing than the pants. I’m sure that’s a James Perse t-shirt. I used to wear those all the time. This look is somewhat redeemed by my gemstone necklace, which MrB got me in my pre-jewelry designer days. While I’m generally against closet purges, I’m delighted to say that I rid myself of the hideous pants and shoes long ago. (The t-shirt most likely just wore out.) Obviously, I kept the necklace!