And finally: Samsung Gear S3 smartens up and more

It was the week Pebble died. The trailblazing smartwatch company announced its end, with its software being acquired by Fitbit and its hardware being left to rust. If you’re looking for an alternative smartwatch, head to our roundup of the best Pebble alternatives.

Also this week, a new report dampened some excitement around Magic Leap – then Leap responded. HTC announced its first internal VR games studio, and announced its first game. And Leap Motion revealed that it’s bringing its hand tracking tech to mobile. Exciting times.

But what about the smaller stories and rumours from the week? Let’s dig in.

Samsung Gear S3 suits up

And finally:

We like a lot of things about the Samsung Gear S3, but size isn’t one of them, and the Frontier in particular could do with a bit of classing up. Enter SLG Design and Strap Studio, which are now shipping some nicer bands for Samsung’s new smartwatch duo.

Strap Studio is offering up some affordable Italian leather options in a range of colours, while SLG’s are a little more expensive but throw some canvas bands into the mix. Suits you.

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Out stock, but Huawei to judge?

And finally:

Also vanishing from the smartwatch world this week was Huawei, as 9to5google spotted that its Huawei Watch is no longer available on the Google Store. You may be able to get it from other retailers, but the Android Wear options are getting more limited as we near Christmas.

Huawei announced earlier in the year that it would not be releasing any new devices in 2016, but we didn’t expect it to pull all devices. Here’s hoping next year brings something new.

“For my next trick, a please-buy-a-Moto-360 tailspin”

And finally:

With Android Wear delayed (and now Huawei vanishing) Google’s wearable OS needs a pick-me-up for the Holiday season. Google’s answer is what it calls the Magic Minute Project, where it’s teamed up with a bunch of creators and thrill seekers to make one-minute videos on the theme of time.

Among the shorts are clips of people kiteboarding, Djing and doing other things with some tenuous link to watches. Here’s hoping it gives Google’s watches a bit of festive momentum.

A good Kors

And finally:

‘Twas Kors that killed the Huawei beast. Or it’s at least been swapped in on Google’s store, where you can now buy the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw for $350. We told you about the Access Dylan and Bradshaw when the pair launched back in September, but only now is the latter – the classier model – appearing on Google’s store.

The Dylan has the sportier look, while the Bradshaw has a full metal gold body, but it shares the same price tag. At 45mm wide though, it’s not for dainty wrists, unless you like your watches big.

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