The Kent Wang Bauhaus V4 takes minimalism to the max

Kent Wang is a small company with only 2 employees but has been offering a good selection of men’s goods since 2007. Their philosophy is honesty and simplicity and that shows with their line of honest and simple Bauhaus watches.

The Bauhaus movement of the 1930’s utilized very minimal design in their modern architecture. Kent Wang has taken inspiration from this and incorporated into their Bauhaus watches. With no numbers, text, and even no logo this watch is very clean to look at. The case is only 38mm wide and 10mm thick but with very little space between the sapphire crystal crystal and the outer edge of the case this watch appears bigger than it is. The hands are thin and sharp and look great over the clean white dial.

There is a nice sapphire case back showing its Miyota 9015 movement which has also been untouched to keep with the simple clean look. The case itself if a very well polished case and well assembled. This comes on a 20mm soft leather strap with the option to upgrade to a cordovan or lizard strap.

It took a while to get used to the lack of just about everything you would normally see on the dial. After wearing for awhile it grew on me and has turned out to be a nice office watch. It is very comfortable to wear with its soft leather strap. The only issue I could find with this watch is the strap buckle sticks out from the strap a bit too far and that just looks odd.

For $395.00 this watch is not a bad deal considering how well its made and that it comes with a good Miyota Movement. This watch may not appeal to everyone since it is so minimal but even for me who loves watches that are a bit more busy, I do like this one. Calms me down some and does a body good.