5 Ways to Steer Him in the Right Direction Toward Your Dream Engagement Ring

You and your guy are committed. Here are some tips on getting closer to a proposal — and the ring you want — without hitting him over the head with it.

You and your guy are close, there’s no doubting that. You’ve been together for a while, and the next step (getting engaged!) seems pretty clear.

Now, no one wants to be pushy or force her guy’s hand. But if you think he’s getting ready to propose, you also might want to think about what kind of engagement ring he should do it with. If he wants to surprise you — and that happens for about half of engaged couples — you can do some groundwork so it’s absolutely successful for you both.

Social media to the rescue

We use it to announce we’re dating, show off photos of our special weekends away and to let everyone in on life’s most special moments. So why not let social media help you encourage your guy to take that next step?

Pinterest is a great place to start. Collect images of your dream engagement ring styles, and you can also pin ideas for an amazing engagement party, signature cocktails, reception decorations, and honeymoon getaway ideas. Once he knows what your preferences are, shopping for the perfect ring won’t be nearly as intimidating. Go ahead and “like” your favorite jeweler on Facebook, as well as Instagram shots of your girlfriends’ wedding ideas and engagement rings. You’ll be amazed how much you can communicate to him without ever saying a word.

Leave some digital breadcrumbs

If you know a proposal’s close and that he might surprise you with a ring, leave some other clues. Take this quiz, then send him this one, and compare your answers. Hook him up with the link to the quiz, and he can explore the rest of the information on this site and get up to speed on what goes into making an engagement ring such a special purchase.

A little window-shopping and maybe looking around

Maybe you’re going to the mall to see a movie or downtown to buy a pair of jeans. Consider steering your guy past the jewelry store. If you see an earlier show, make sure there’s plenty of time for browsing afterwards. If it’s the late show, build in some time between dinner and showtime.

Men definitely need to feel mentally prepared to buy a ring and propose, so just getting your man a bit more comfortable with the idea of being in a jewelry store should help nudge him in the right direction. You don’t even necessarily have to look at engagement rings. Look at how diamonds sparkle and shine in a pair of earrings, maybe. Browse the other categories and try on pieces that fit your style.

Point out that you prefer platinum or gold, modern or traditional. Or that it doesn’t have to be a diamond, if you’d prefer color gemstones, and what gem is your favorite. Talk to a salesperson to show just how un-scary it is. Who knows: When he’s ready, he may go back to that same salesperson, since he’s already spoken to him or her. Remember, you don’t have to pour it on thick to get him thinking about putting a ring on your finger.

See what it’s like

If you have a girlfriend who recently married, arrange for you and your guy to spend a day or evening with her and her new hubby. It’s a great opportunity to ask a ton of questions about everything from where they took their honeymoon to how they decided on their wedding venue, to how he proposed.

When done in a relaxed way, over drinks or after a day at the beach, listening to how a happy couple gradually and naturally decided to tie the knot should get your boyfriend thinking along those lines too. Talk about what you did or didn’t like about her engagement ring or that it’s so cool that they have matching wedding bands — if he’s thinking in that direction, he’ll pay attention! 

Plan a romantic getaway

A lot of guys want to propose, but feel like they have to do it in some amazing, romantic way — the ultimate, spectacular surprise. If the two of you plan a weekend at either a place that holds special meaning for you, or somewhere romantic you’ve always wanted to visit, it’s possible he’ll begin to consider this weekend, in this place, may be the perfect time and the perfect venue to pop the question.

This will reduce pressure of planning an over-the-top crazy proposal. There’s no need for you to do anything but casually bring up the idea of a little trip — if he’s ready to propose, he should be able to do the rest. A lot of couples decide to get married, then shop for the engagement ring.