Weekend Reading The Wall Street Journal Goes Hunting For Steve McQueen’s Monaco

There are a few watches out there that mean a whole lot to all of us in the collecting community: the steel 1518 is one, the platinum 2499 is another. Paul Newman’s Paul Newman is yet another. But today we’ll be talking about one watch that might take the cake as the most widely known, but least understood timepiece in the public watch narrative – Steve McQueen’s Heuer Monaco. It’s a tricky watch to discuss because, in fact, there isn’t one Steve McQueen Monaco, there are six.

Image courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

And we’ve known this for a while – at least since 2012. I’ve discussed its origins here in this exhaustive review of the original Monaco, but my friend Mr. Michael Clerizo of the Wall Street Journal has something new for us to consider. He has, with new information, sussed out where the six different Heuer Monacos delivered to the set of “Le Mans” have gone, and which one has the right to say “this is the watch worn by Steve McQueen in “Le Mans.'”  Read it here.

Oh, and as you’d expect, since this involved a Heuer, Mr. Stein weighs in on things here.