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Every corner, every direction, every side street…and I think I’ve narrowed my continental search. I’ve been on a quest for the best in antique and vintage diamonds from all across the United States! Thanks to 1001 Diamonds, I’ve honed in on a few keen shops. From Lang Antiques over on the West Coast, to Bell & Bird in the heart of Texas, up to the Boston area at Fancy Flea Antiques, and down south to Miami where Dover Jewelry takes the cake…and I can’t forget the greatest city in all the land–NYC, where A La Vieille Russie shines. These are the top five locales which boast some pretty amazing antique diamonds!  See for yourself!

MIDWEST (above photo): Let’s start in the center of the US, with Texas-based Bell & Bird. They don’t lie when they say everything is bigger in Texas! The Edwardian heart-shaped diamond ring is breath-taking. An antique heart-shape is rare to find, especially one that dates back to the 1900s. The stone is GIA certified ranking in at a VS-1 clarity, E color and weighing 2.42 carats! It truly outshines them all! The antique twin diamond ring puts a spin on the Moi et toi style, having the diamonds set vertically like that. That particular ring has since sold.

1001 Diamonds | Gem Gossip

WEST COAST: All the way on the West Coast, Lang Antiques holds it down in San Francisco having the most diverse and jaw-dropping antique diamond collection around! Here you can see what I mean. Anything from champagne colored diamonds, to Old European cuts, to Old Mine cuts, even the square step cut in the center of that onyx ring above, the diamonds come in all shapes and sizes at Lang. This photo also proves that diamonds pair with black in the best way possible.

1001 Diamonds | Gem Gossip 1001 Diamonds | Gem Gossip

EAST COAST: Lots of great cities in the Northeast–New York City and Boston are home to so many great attractions and one of them being amazing diamonds. I am dying to visit A La Vieille Russie located on the corner of 5th Avenue and E. 59th Street. As you can see, their antique diamond selection is museum-worthy! The diamond ring on the pointer finger is an Old Mine cut, weighing approximately 1.90 carats from the Georgian Era. The champagne fancy diamond on the middle finger is also noteworthy–what a great alternative engagement ring that would make!

At Fancy Flea Antiques just outside of Boston in a town called Lexington, there’s a little antique jewelry shop I got to visit briefly while in the area. I was intrigued by this hidden gem, as they have lots of antique and vintage diamonds, most importantly at a great price! I tried on a bunch of Art Deco filigree diamond rings, a time period which is greatly represented at the store. There’s something about an Old European cut diamond from the 1920s paired with the open-metalwork of white gold or platinum. These are all available at Fancy Flea Antiques.

1001 Diamonds | Gem Gossip

SOUTH-SIDE: It’s a party of diamonds down south–in Miami, that is–at Dover Jewelry. Their selection of diamonds ranges vastly to include small clusters to large carat sizes like the gigantic 8.63 carat solitaire pictured, VS-2 clarity, KL color. Whatever size, price or color diamond you are looking for, Dover Jewelry has it! This photo also features a more and more popular diamond cut that not too many jewelry stores have–the antique cushion cut.

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