Hublot King Power Unico King Gold Carbon Automatic Chronograph 18k Gold (701.0Q.0180.RX): Review

Make no mistake–the “King” has arrived.

While most people know of the Rolex as a household name, and luxury timepiece enthusiasts have fallen in love with Panerai, IWC, Patek Philippe, and other luxury watch makers, Hublot should certainly never be overlooked.

If you are seeking a real statement piece for your wrist — and we’re talking about an absolutely masterful piece of luxury with a top-notch design — then the Hublot King Power Unico King Gold Carbon Automatic Chronograph 18k Gold is a must-see model by this fantastic watch maker.

This high-priced item is guaranteed to catch the attention of other timepiece enthusiasts and impress those around you.

Brand: Hublot
Type: King Power Unico King Gold Carbon Automatic Chronograph 18k Gold
Model: 701.0Q.0180.RX




The Hublot King Power Unico King Gold Carbon Automatic Chronograp is a timepiece for the luxury-seekers, fine watch enthusiasts,and those with a big budget for this big-time piece of masterful craftsmanship.

This Automatic Chronograph is made of 18k Gold and features an oversized, 48mm case diameter. This is not a wrist watch for the timid or meek–this huge 48mm Analog display is packed with luxury materials, beautiful special features, an automatic movement, and a Skeletonized dial to kill for.

This Hublot King Power weighs a heavy 15.84 ounces and contains various materials for the case, bezel, band, and movement.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Case Diameter: 48mm, Oversized
  • Shape: Round
  • Dial Color: Skeletonized
  • Movement Type: Automatic Movement
  • Case Material: 18k Gold
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Chronograph
  • Case Thickness: 17.60mm
  • Bezel: Fixed
  • Bezel Material: Fixed Carbon Fiber
  • Band Width: 22.9mm
  • Band Length: 9 inches
  • Band Material: Black Rubber
  • Calendar: Date display located between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions
  • Weight: 15.84 ounces
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters / 330 feet / 10 ATM



Power Source

Hublot uses an extremely high quality and reliable Automatic Movement in this King Power model, as the power source.

This Automatic uses the movement of the wearer’s arm to generate the power to keep this timepiece ticking, through kinetic energy.

This is a time-honored and precise method of power that has become the preferred movement of most luxury timepiece makers and enthusiasts alike.

The Good

The positive aspects of the King Power by Hublot are plentiful.

First, is the Automatic movement. This power source is beyond reproach and is well-known as an extremely reliable, precise, and long-lasting power source for the best luxury timepieces in the world.

The materials used are absolutely what you would expect and demand of a timepiece of this caliber and price. There are no cheap or lesser components on this Hublot model. Made from 18k Gold, this Chronograph features a fixed Carbon Fiber bezel that perfectly complements the sports black band, black and 18k Gold skeletonized dial, and the 18k Gold casing.

The special features include a beautiful calendar date window that is located between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions as well as a Chronograph feature.

The water resistance is excellent at 100 meters (330 feet/10 ATM).


The Bad

The only potentially negative aspect of the Hublot King Power is more of a matter of preference. This 15.84 ounce timepiece is pretty heavy as it is an oversized, 48mm wrist watch. This is a pretty large watch, and with a 17.60mm case thickness to go with it, it would be best to try on a comparable wrist watch of a similar size before purchasing this Hublot.

If you are a fan of oversized timepieces and your wrist makes for a good home to watches of this size, then you will love this model luxury piece.


Besides the finely tuned Automatic movement and the 18k Gold construction, the highlight of this timepiece has to the be design of the dial and the overall face of this wrist watch.

Hublot’s King Power Unico King Gold timepiece is a model that has blown its competition out of the water.

This is a unique timepiece intended for the unique man.

First, the dial is Skeletonized. This look is absolutely stunning and shows off the 18k Gold dial hands, hour markers, and other features within the dial. The dial itself has a lot of complex design to it, which include the following:

  • Skeletonized dial face
  • 18k Gold hour hands filled in with white
  • An 18k Gold second hand
  • 18k Gold hour indices filled in with white
  • Calendar date window / located diagonally between 4 and 5 o’clock
  • 2 skeletonized sub dials, at the 3 and 9 o’clock position / Each with a single 18k Gold hand
  • Exposed, interior 31 day calendar ring that moves into the calendar date window every day
  • Carbon Fiber, black stationary bezel that offers a tough, bold look to this glamorous men’s timepiece.


The 18k Gold 48mm casing has a fine brushed finish to it, which is perfect for those looking for a satin finish to their overall look.


The functionality of this timepiece is beyond reproach. Hublot has created a Swiss-made timepiece with extraordinary features, luxury materials, Swiss-made Automatic movement, and design.

The movement works smoothly and precisely.

The only functionality issue may be the large size. At 48mm, this is a very oversized watch and is quite heavy as well, at 15.84 ounces. This may be too large for some men and get in the way of enjoying its functions.


The Hublot King Power Unico King Gold Carbon Automatic Chronograph 18k Gold (701.0Q.0180.RX) can be found on Amazon for $31,194.00



Overall Impression

The overall impression that the King Power by Hublot gives off is quality, luxury, power, and Gold. This incredibly designed timepiece is not cheap. At nearly $32,000, this is a wrist watch that contains the best materials, power source, precision time-keeping, and one of the best skeleton Gold designs you’ll ever see.

If you have the money and the fit is right for you, this is a purchase that you will not regret.


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