James Lucy Watches of London is going Gaucho

James Lucy is a crowdfunded company looking to create an elegant and timeless timepiece at a reasonable price. What makes them different from other crowdfunded watches out there? That would be their watch straps.

The watches are a simple, clean, and dressy design. Looks a bit like my fathers old Bulova. There will offer date and no date versions. They both will have a quartz movements. The case is stainless steel and will be available in Silver or Rose Gold. Water resistance is 5ATM. So far so good.

Now, about those straps. These watch will come with two styles of Gaucho straps. These Gaucho straps are inspired by the belts worn by polo players in Argentina. Argentina is known for their Guachos (South American Cowboys). They wear this style and colors with pride. Aside from the Gaucho straps James Lucy will also be offering classic leather and wool straps. All these straps will comes with quick realize pins. Changing straps takes less than 10 seconds.

Currently James Lucy has a goal of £8000 or around $9957 USD and has taken in £1863 or around $2318 USD from 25 backers. They have four street goals lines up and if achieved they will be able to offer more strap choices and if they reach their £20,000 or about $24900 USD goal there will be a 3 hand version of the watch which has a separate seconds hand on the dial.


Early birds can get the straps only at £19 or about $26 USD. Early bird watch prices start at £55 or about $68 USD for either the date or not date versions with your choice of strap. Retail prices will be £89 or about $111 USD for the no date with 2 straps and £99 or about $123 USD for the date version with 2 straps. For £50 or about $62 USD you can also purchase the Gaucho straps without the watch.

This sure can appeal to those looking for a simple clean looking watch with a cool choice of straps, and the quick release straps will appeal to those of like to change things up with the effort of using tools to change over.