How to Make a Shibori Ribbon Pendant Necklace with Beads

Summary: Do you love shibori necklace? Such jewels are always personalized and eye-catching, and here I will share such a ribbon pendant necklace with you.

How to Make a Shibori Ribbon Pendant Necklace with Beads

See this ribbon pendant necklace, you may be surprised how such a shibori necklace is made, right? Now, I will tell you how to make pendant necklace with ribbon and beads. Let’s go~

Supplies you’ll need in making ribbon pendant necklace:

Black Rubber Cord
30MM DeepSkyBlue Satin Ribbon
10 MM Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons
14MM Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons
6MM Bicone Glass Beads
0.2MM Fishing Wire
Golden Acrylic Round Beads
Golden Spacer Beads
Glue Gun

Instructions on how to make pendant necklace:

Step 1: Make the basic part of the ribbon pendant

1st, draw a drop shape on a blue felt, then cut 5 pieces of satin ribbons and fold one end of them a little and glue them together;
2nd, glue the end on the drop point and glue the ribbons on the felt along the drop shape as pictured.

Step 2: Add beads on the ribbon pendant

1st, glue the other ends of ribbons on the bottom of drop shape, cut off the excess ribbons and tailor the drop shape along its outline;
2nd, glue a 14mm acrylic rhinestone cabochon and a 10mm 14mm acrylic rhinestone cabochon on bottom of the pendant;
3rd, glue several golden acrylic round beads around the 2 cabochons;
4th, glue more acrylic beads and golden spacer beads on the ribbon scattered, and add some bicone glass beads on top of the pendant.

Step 3: Finish the shibori necklace

1st, sew several acrylic round beads on top of the pendant to make a bead loop with needle and fishing wire;
2nd, cut a piece of black rubber cord and attach it with the ribbon pendant as pictured.

Here is the final look of the ribbon pendant necklace!

You may have found that such a shibori necklace is quite easy to make through it may look a little difficult, right? The blue ribbon also gives me a feel of deep sea, how do you think of it? Wear such a blue ribbon pendant necklace on hot summer will be very cool, so try to make one now!