Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make Beaded Dangling Hoop Earrings

Summary: Wanna make a pair of beads hoop earrings? If yes, then you are so lucky. Here I will tell you how to make bead hoop earrings.

Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make Beaded Dangling Hoop Earrings

Hey, dears! Do you like beaded dangling earrings? Today’s craft is a pair of beads hoop earrings with fresh and clear glass beads and cat eye beads. I love the delicate designs and hope you will love it.

Supplies you’ll need on making the beaded dangling earrings:

Hoop Earrings
Earring Hooks
Eye Pins
4MM Clear Glass Beads
6MM Clear Glass Beads
6x4MM Green Abacus Glass Beads
6x4MM Pink Abacus Glass Beads
Oval Cat Eye Beads
Flower Beads
Head Pins
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers

Instructions on how to make the beaded dangling earrings.

Step 1: Make basic hoop earrings with beads

1st, prepare enough head pins, 6mm clear glass beads, green glass beads and pink glass bead. Thread each bead to each headpin one by one and then make a small loop at the other end of the head pins;
2nd, thread a pink bead pattern and a 4mm clear glass bead to an earring hook, then add 2 other bead patterns and a 4mm glass bead to it.
3rd, continue to add more bead patterns to the earring hook, making sure add a 4mm glass bead after 2 bead patterns as pictured.

Step 2: Add other beads to the earring base

1st, Add a flower bead to an eye pin, making a loop at the other end and attach it to the earring base;
2nd, Thread a cat eye bead to a head pin, making a loop and attach it to the flower bead as pictured.

Step 3: Finish the beads hoop earrings

Attach an earring hook to the hoop earring, and repeat to make the other one earring.

The final look of the beaded dangling earrings:

Wow! I finished this pair of beads hoop earrings within a short time. How delicate and nice it is, yes? If you are also interested in the beads hoop earrings, just follow my detailed tutorial to make you own ones!