Rock & Roll Jewelry

Summer is the season for outdoor rock concerts, and we’ve picked some funky pieces you can wear to the show. You’ll look so rocker chic while dancing in the crowd that you may even acquire a fan base of your own.

A few tips on the look. According to record-producer-turned-gallery-owner Gerard Marti, rock star jewelry sends a message: rebellion. Skulls (probably taken from the pirate flag), Celtic crosses (probably related to druids), and layers of chunky statement pieces are the rage.


Stephen Webster’s black diamond skull ring is “on brand,” and will go with your velvet jacket, lace, and leather. Photo:


Get ready to rock with the XL Perfect Collateral O.G. Cross Bracelet by Soffer Ari. Black diamonds set in a black matte stone finish makes this a perfect piece to wear to the show while headbanging to the bass riff. Image courtesy of Soffer Ari at


Rock & Roll jewelry doesn’t always have to be big, bad, and black. A 1.60 ct princess cut diamond in the center, and 180 round brilliants encircling it, and diamond crosses in the shank gives this ring serious heavy metal cred. Image Courtesy of


Dress up daggers and angel’s wings in 4.42 cts of rubies and 1.18 cts of spinel, and you have earrings made for the spotlight. Lydia Courteille’s melody in red would wow a glam rocker. Image Courtesy © Lydia Courteille


A savage beauty blossoms in Borgioni’s 1.17ct ruby, .18ct black diamond, 18k black rhodium gold ring. The ring is not for the meek of heart, but made for someone who has Rock & Roll in her soul. Image courtesy of Borgioni


And if you get tired of cheering and want to actually start playing, this 400 ct “Diamond Masterpiece” guitar has enough sparkle to light up a stage by itself. The cost: a modest $2 million. Courtesy of Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd. Photo: Russell Shor/GIA

You don’t have to be in a stadium to wear Rock & Roll jewelry. A nightclub or party are great venues to strut your stuff. So have fun with it – because that’s what it’s all about.

Rock & Roll jewelry borrows from Gothic imagery. Transylvania Chic Jewelry is another look at this edgy style.