Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry: Virgo

Virgo the Virgin (August 23 to September 22) is a zodiac sign with a fascinating story. And like the other astrology signs, it inspires some breathtaking jewelry.

The story of Virgo goes something like this: Astraea, the Greek goddess of purity and innocence, was the last of the gods on Mount Olympus to leave Earth. She lingered because of her compassion for suffering humanity, promising to return to Earth one day. When she left, Astraea became the constellation Virgo.


Lydia Courteille’s Virgo Ring has a beatific look. Some 0.25 ct of diamonds cut as stars illumine the shank and glitter in her crown, while a 5.11 ct moonstone plays the role of the heavens. Another 2.27 cts of sapphires color her body. Courtesy of D’Orazio & Associates.

Versions of Virgo have appeared in other cultures. In ancient Babylon, she was the goddess of the harvest. In ancient Egypt, Virgo was curiously similar to the goddess Isis, who healed the sick and brought the dead back to life. A common denominator in all these myths: these versions of Virgo were the caretakers of humanity.

Since Virgo has such a noble personality, it’s fitting that Virgos have equally inspiring traits. They’re said to be observant, helpful, precise, pure, and centered. We’ve found some jewelry that complements these qualities.


This Art Deco -inspired 18K gold pendant/charm of Virgo could be decorating the lobby of the Empire State Building or another grand building from the era. The bold lines draw inspiration from the style of the period. Courtesy of 1stdibs.

1426058.185568-Virgo-Diamond-Constellation-Necklace 960X960

You needn’t look to the stars to spot Virgo. Brooke Gregson’s Virgo Diamond Constellation Necklace glows with .28 carat of diamonds and lets you wear the sign around your neck. Courtesy of Brooke Gregson.


An Art Nouveau pendant captures the protective and nurturing nature of Virgo: She is an angelic being with a seraphic smile. The piece may have been made either by famed designers Georges Fouquet or Maison Vever. Her exotic headdress shows the hallmarks of Byzantine culture (indigenous to Turkey, parts of the Middle East, and parts of Africa). Courtesy of 1stdibs.com.

1426055.149883 Jason-Dow-Tattoo_Ring_Blue_Sapphires_960X960

Since Virgos are a meticulous lot, they’re sure to love Jason Dow’s award-winning Tattoo Ring. A tapestry of interlocking patterns, the 18k white gold ring is accented by 0.84ct of diamonds and 0.83ct blue sapphires. By happy coincidence, sapphire is the birthstone for September– another reason to love the piece. Courtesy of Jason Dow.



Pearls have long symbolized innocence and purity, so a strand of them would wear well on a Virgo. This strand has baroque South Seas pearls, and an 18k white gold clasp set with 0.30 tcw diamonds. Courtesy of Armand Asher Pearls, New York.

Lovely personality traits and beautiful jewelry are a delightful combination. It’s good to be a Virgo!

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