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{from top to bottom:

St.Kilda in Brooklyn’s owner/designer Nora showing off her latest designs enameled Arcadia & Endless Love 

I am not the only one who is loving large rings that extend up to the knuckle

Jewelry designer Satomi Kawakita, from Catbird’s blog (Catbird stocks her tiny ring treasures !)

me wearing Elisa Solomon heart ring, large cigar band, and antique onyx intaglio

if you want a finger tattoo that’s not permanent & still badass, try a Pilot Precise black pen

ring designs by Maria Nilsdotter, claws and bats

blogger of La Revue de Kenza and her delicate rings by Marie Simphal

reader with a big blue stone ring that is connected by a chain to a bracelet

Doyle & Doyle rings from their Facebook page, available at Doyle & Doyle}