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{from top to bottom:

all designs by Arik Kastan Vintage Rose Gold Jewelry, loving the labradorite

me wearing all vintage–Victorian coral cameo, intaglio, 1970s v-shaped diamond ring, & Victorian onyx

I see four antique rings from all different eras, submitted from Doyle & Doyle

the vendor from where I bought this ring at the JCK Vegas Jewelry Show, I had a heart attack over her rings

reader Kelly who of Villette Jewelry, whom I’ve inspired to start taking classes at GIA

awesome boutique in San Francisco called Metier, sells amazing vintage jewelry, and designer jewelry

taken from the Jessica McCormack blog…coral, ivory, diamonds…skulls…

this reader has a love for rings that do not have gemstones

St. Kilda Jewelry and their enamel and diamond snake bands}