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Xiao Wang Jewelry’s element collection rings are SO insanely cool

Erica Weiner sharing some of their English mourning rings, the one with the pearls is engraved, “In Memory of Wee Duncan”

Alexandra Lippin stacking up her favorites from Workhorse Jewelery

Keshett Jewellery proving one can’t go wrong mixing up an Edwardian/Art Deco dinner ring look

Kavant & Sharart wearing two incredible Art Deco-inspired rings from their line, yellow diamonds and fancy sapphires

Nora Kogan Jewelry donning my favorites from her line plus a little antique action

Isadora’s Antique Jewelry pulling through with an all floral theme with these antique dreams

LFrank Jewelry casually reading a book while sporting the sparkle she’s best known for

BCE Jewelry showing off her amazing turquoise ring designs, so killer