bona_drag doyleanddoyle ebjewel fiverwasright lfrankjewelry mociun3 satine_julia3 sparklesfinejewelry stephaniestein

{from top to bottom:

BONA DRAG proving that maroon nails and all gold rings is a winning combination

Doyle and Doyle share their diamonds, which hit the sunlight perfectly

ebjewel has a fun stack with more to add, love the large diamond swirl ring

fiverwasright shares her snakes and talismans with lots of rose cuts in there

lfrankjewelry poses with a handful of L Frank designs

mociun stacking some amazing David Neale rings, available at her store

satine_julia has a ring for every finger, with designers ranging from One Jewelry & Oren Katz to Arik Kastan

sparklesfinejewelry pairs two rings effortlessly with a to-die-for color range

stephaniestein shows how sapphires and diamonds can make for adorable trendy rings}