My Jewel Box: HOORSENBUHS Phantom Ring#LoveGold

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Coveting a ring is a favorite pasttime of mine and the HOORSENBUHS Phantom ring has been sought after for FOUR years! It all happened the day I first met the ring when visiting the HOORSENBUHS studio at their first location in Santa Monica. The heft, the glide, the feel, the comfort–this ring had it all. Never have I ever felt so many of the seven deadly sins all in one glance.

My all-gold ring wardrobe needed a new key piece, and the day finally came when I got my own Phantom ring. I received an email sent to my phone saying the package had been delivered and signed for…I knew immediately that sitting at my desk at work was not the place I wanted to be at the moment. A little quick thinking and faked sudden sickness got me out the door and on my way home to my baby! The first few days of having the ring, I never took it off–even when sleeping. And I ALWAYS take off all my jewelry before bedtime. The Phantom ring has an odd ability to become a part of your finger and hand. And when not wearing it, I notice its absence. If you are looking for a classic, everyday statement ring the HOORSENBUHS Phantom ring is your best bet! I love mine!

HOORSENBUHS Phantom ring, 18k yellow gold available at

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