Black Friday

Boris-Peianov-fashion-collageBoris Peianov fashion collage

Black Friday is notorious in the retail world and this whole week my inbox has been pinging with alerts from brands reminding me of the fact. But it did get me thinking… about colour. Slightly off on a tangent you may well think, but the monochrome palette is as strong as ever and we are left in little doubt that Black is Back.

From home decor installations to visually engaging advertorials, the striking coolness of sleek black on its own or in combination with white continues to excite.  As  I expect most of you know, our strategic, trend-related content appears on our digital platform Adorn Insight. Monochrome as concept was one such trend we predicted on Adorn Insight back in April 2014 under a more conceptual theme called Graphichic.  So, as you can imagine, it is always rather thrilling to see our analysis become a reality in the consumer domain.  Whilst browsing through some of my favourite online sites over the last couple of days, a few striking visuals jumped out at me.

Here are  some of my favourites – with some cool jewellery options to match.

established-and-sons-adorn-jewellery-blogEstablished & Sons
monochrome-trend-adorn-jewellery-blogForage Modern Workshop
monochrome-jewellery-adorn-jewelry-trend-blogImages clockwise from top left: Marni; Stephen Webster; Repossi; Sara Bencini; Shourouk

Words: Juliet Hutton-Squire



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