DIY: ChainRing


Do you own a piece of jewelry that has been sitting in your jewelry box, unworn for over five years?  It needs a new life!  Although most people are opting to sell those tired and unwanted pieces of jewelry for scrap (since gold prices are at record highs) sometimes the sentimental aspect comes into play.  Take for example the above bracelet.  It is 14k yellow gold and is set with oval cut, low-grade sapphires.  My grandma gave it to me as a gift for my birthday one year and I used to wear it all the time in high school.  Over the years, it kind of just sat in my jewelry box, collecting dust.  I didn’t want to sell it because my grandma had given it to me, so I used some creativity and decided to cut off one side and make it into a ring.  I really like the look of the links and it made the perfect ring (just my size).  Now I wear it all the time!