How to Create Your Own Gem Gossip JewelryCabinet

IMG_4077 goingup ringsrings

I was really excited and proud to launch my first-ever Gem Gossip video just before the holidays.  The video gives viewers an inside look into my typical day as a jewelry blogger and collector.  To think, it all started with a love for jewelry, and with six and a half years of hard work and dedication I’ve created an enormous amount of information in this field on  

After receiving lots of feedback on the video, I noticed an overwhelming amount of questions about how I store all my rings.  Whether you want to call it a jewelry closet, jewelry cabinet, an armoire, or jewelry cupboard, my way of storing my rings has caused a lot of stir!  I’m here to answer all those curious minds about what you just saw!  

My secret is the Lori Greiner mirrored jewelry cabinet.  This solution keeps one very important piece of advice in mind that I have for people—if it is out of sight, it is out of mind!  Each piece of jewelry stored in this cabinet is visible.  If you have one of those jewelry boxes that has tiny compartments or you keep your pieces in boxes hidden from sight, I say ditch those! There is nothing that I hate more than a piece of jewelry that gets no wear!  I bought mine off of QVC several years ago and as a jewelry connoisseur, have yet to fill it up completely! (Yes, there is THAT much room!) Of course, I’ve tweaked mine the best way possible for my own needs, which involved ripping out shelves, some hot glue and creativity. I bought velvet ring liners that had ring slots and cut them to size.  I then used some hot glue and laid each down, and waited for it to dry.  These new ring slots took the place of necklace hooks, but since I don’t wear too many necklaces and alternative space for necklaces on the door, it has allowed me for better use of the cabinet space!  Might even rip out one more row for more rings (which I actually did, video shown above)!  I also love the earring racks which allow you to not take the backs off each earring when storing them away. Another perk is the variety of color the jewelry box comes in–black, white, cherry, walnut and antique oak.

Here are all the links you need to create your own jewelry cabinet:

Lori Greiner stand-up mirrored jewelry cabinet from QVC