My Jewel Box: Rings Found at the 2014 Las Vegas Antique JewelryShow

IMG_4046 IMG_4069

Sometimes a lot of pressure can be put on yourself to find a special piece to bring home to your jewelry box, and shopping at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show is definitely intense! You only have so much time, so many days, x-amount of dollars, and lots of other tasks to get done during the anticipated jewelry week. A certain piece has to speak to me–I have to feel like I can’t live without it, and the feeling and moment are both hard to describe but it happens! Once I made that first purchase, a load of pressure was put off my shoulders and I felt more relaxed as I knew for certain I was not going home empty-handed. For some reason this time around that act of buying one ring for myself opened up the flood gates, because I found four more to bring home with me that trip!  

Here’s what I bought:

10k yellow gold antique baby shield ring with barely-there “A” engraved on front of shield

14k yellow gold garnet and seed pearl Victorian ring

10k yellow gold wide eternity band with black enamel design engraved “E. L. Taylor, 1920”

10k yellow gold antique baby ring

14k rose gold Victorian “man on the moon” moonstone ring

*special thank you to Sunny S. Bond for the lovely jewelry pouch from Clare Vivier, I love my gold monogram of GG for Gem Gossip 🙂