My Jewel Box: Black Diamonds from HenriDaussi

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There is an art to mixing modern with antique and vintage, and when it comes to jewelry, I’ve had plenty of practice! I will let you in on a little secret–it is all about color and textures. Take for example the gem-set designs of Henri Daussi. These modern pieces of bridal and wedding bands can easily be mixed in with your current look, keeping in mind my two tips. I gave it a shot first hand when I received this beautiful black diamond and rose gold twisted band from Henri Daussi recently. I’ve been intrigued by black diamonds since they became popular to use in jewelry, and I’ve been slowly building up a collection. I think black diamonds look amazing when worn as a grouping. The twisted band is a great design–very cool, slightly edgy and definitely modern–customizing it in rose gold with black diamonds puts it in a whole new category of awesome. The quality of the ring is impeccable, which can be expected from a company who has been in business for over 60 years. The ring is comfortable and almost begs to never be taken off! 

Mixing the new Henri Daussi black diamond band with my personal collection of antique and vintage jewelry was fun! Again, I kept two things in mind: color and texture. I chose some of my favorite “darker” rings, like a large oval onyx, and paired some fun texture of snake scales from my serpent ring stacked on top. The wide antique baby ring I’ve been wearing on my pinky has been a constant for me lately, as well as my engagement ring and wedding band of course! To add some more texture to the look, I wore a Gem Gossip Jewelry ring with a heavy matte finish on my pointer finger to complete my ensemble. Black nails to go with the black diamonds and a cozy winter outfit for good measure. 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Henri Daussi.

To purchase your own black diamond, rose gold twisted band, check with your local Henri Daussi retailer by clicking on the image:


R23-7H BlackDia