Where to Buy Your Proposal Ring

When it comes to buying a proposal ring, an astonishing number of guys have no clue where to start. Most begin their search in local stores without doing any prior research and worse still, some don’t even know what they want and end up buying one due to pressure selling. It befuddles me to see how people can empty a huge portion of their savings into a purchase that they aren’t sure about.

For those who had taken a first step to doing their prior research, many still fall into the trap of making a purchasing decision based solely based on what a grading report states. While a grading report for GIA or AGS is mandatory, some consumers are made to believe that a diamond with an Excellent or Ideal cut grade would automatically be the best choice for them.

It doesn’t help when salespeople use a similar pitch to market their wares by stating that you can’t go wrong with such diamonds. If they are lucky, they might get a beautiful diamond. If they aren’t, they most likely end up with a stone that isn’t worth it for the amount of money paid.

where to buy a round brilliant cut diamondPulling the trigger on a huge purchase isn’t always easy

If you want to be a smart shopper, you need to go beyond the 4C’s and lab reports. Do you want to base your purchase on luck or knowledge? Do you think that buying a diamond should be akin to a roll of the dice or should you demand certainty?

I think you know the answer…

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The Choice of Vendor Determines What You Will Receive

If you are buying an engagement ring, James Allen is a great site that’s well worth checking out.

Unlike most other online stores (and physical ones as well), they provide actual magnified photos and videos of every single diamond in their inventory. Why is this important? Well, this enables you to see the locations of any inclusions (determine eye cleanliness), overall shape/symmetry and enables easy comparisons to help you choose a round diamond within your budget.

Another plus point is their nature of operating a business online. They can offer much lower prices than physical stores due to lesser overheads and this gives you more value for your money. That aside, their customer support is top notch and are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions.



guideline for round diamond buying

Take Your Time to Select a Perfect Diamond

Making an expensive purchase online might seem to be a daunting task but it actually isn’t. The truth is, shopping for one via the Internet allows access to more information than what a normal brick and mortar jeweler would offer. You can take your time to cherry pick the best stone within your budget without any pressure from any sales people.

Just by reading this page and exploring the rest of our website, I know you won’t become part of the statistics that the majority of other shoppers fall into. If you have any queries or require a 2nd opinion on your selections, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email with your questions.