Types of Radiant Cut Diamonds Available to Consumers

You can click here to view more videos of different radiant cut diamonds under magnification…

square radiant cut diamond

Square radiant cut

rectangle radiant cut diamond

Rectangle radiant cut

So what’s the difference between a square and a rectangle radiant cut diamond? In terms of optical properties, a diamond that is more squarish typically has better brilliance/scintillation. On the other hand, an elongated stone is known to have more of a fiery presence and a better spread of light disbursement.



From the video above, you can actually see that the different radiant cut diamonds can give rise to distinct patterning and contrast of light. In fact, no 2 radiants look exactly the same and the cut quality has a large bearing on a diamond’s optical performance.

Ultimately, It’s Your Preference That Matters…

For an easy reference, here’s a rough idea of how radiant cuts with different length to width ratios may look like. My personal preference lies with the range of 1.15-1.25 where the diamond takes on a slightly rectangular outline. I find that this is the range where the facet structure works best to bring out the concentric appearance and flavor of a radiant cut stone.

radiant cut diamonds length to width ratio

Now, I know I may come across as a little contradictory by preferring longer looking radiants since I had mentioned earlier that square radiant cuts tend to have better optics. The thing is, if I want to buy a square shaped diamond, I would have purchased a princess cut instead of a radiant.

Going Forward to Making a Choice

Being a fellow consumer myself, I can empathize how overwhelming it can become when shopping for an engagement ring. Nobody wants to make a bad purchase and end up receiving a diamond that resembles frozen spit.

That’s why I had compiled a step by step guide to picking out radiant cut diamonds and had helped many others who were in your shoes. Continue onto the next page to learn how to select the brightest, sparkiest diamond…