Why I Love NY: A Story Inspired by Daniela RivkahRing


There are some days where I truly miss my New York roots after growing up in Upstate New York, only a stone’s throw away from where Lucille Ball was born and raised–the only famous person to ever come out of Jamestown, NY. I say “stone’s throw away” because it is a Southern term that has rubbed off on me. That, and their slow-paced lifestyle, mixed with slight tendencies of twang have all slowly, but surely, rubbed off on me.  I proudly tell people I’m from New York, after living almost seven years in Tennessee. I think most New Yorkers are proud to be from New York, even if we’re not from the city and no matter how many times you have to add “not the City” to that statement, we’re still proud.  Whether I move multiple times or travel the world, home will always be New York.  I’m glad I get to carry a little piece of “home” with this New York State ring designed by Daniela Rivkah.  I love how the designers are a sister duo, which makes it even more special because my sisters are important to me too.  

Originally Daniela Rivkah created a Texas State ring, pendant and bracelet, being that the company is based in Texas. I saw the ring and loved the concept, but Texas unfortunately does not have any significance in my life! Up until a few weeks ago, I had never been there my whole life! It was so amazing to hear that the sisters designed a New York state ring because of me and my suggestion!  

If New York holds a special place in your heart and you love this ring, contact Daniela Rivkah and the sisters will make one especially for you!