My Jewel Box: Vintage Multi-Gemstone DangleRing

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A dangling rainbow of gemstones was held up before my eyes when I last visited Joden Jewelers in Grove City, PA. You know the feeling when you see something that is destined to be yours?!  In that moment this ring was made for me and as I slipped on the ring it gave me a Cinderella, glass slipper moment. Lucky for me, my fantasy didn’t end when the clock struck midnight.  I was going to be taking this baby home with me, but it was then that the story got even more interesting…

Joe, the owner of Joden Jewelers, began to explain about a large estate he had purchased from a well-known celebrity.  The woman’s name was Tamara Toumanova, a child-prodigy ballerina who was highly acclaimed worldwide and toured the world performing.  A critic once wrote about her and her dancing as having, “large dark eyes, raven wings of hair and magnolia skin, she combined lyricism and virtuosity to a remarkable degree.”  (Read the NY Times article about her) She later starred in a few Hollywood movies, most notably Days of Glory and married Casey Robinson, a film producer and screen writer.  It is incredible to own something that once belonged to someone famous, especially when it comes to vintage and antique jewelry, we as collectors always wish to know more about the history of each piece.  This gives more of an idea, knowing who owned it before, but I still am curious where and when she acquired this ring!  So interesting to think about! Having a ballerina past as well, this makes me feel even more closer to Ms. Toumanova.

Thanks Joden Jewelers!  Do any of you own a piece of jewelry that was once owned by someone famous?!